Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our transition to contactless charge cars and the introduction of commercial service. If you have a question you do not see answered here, or need further information, please contact us at

Commercial service launch - FAQ

I received a contactless charge card - why?
We are seeking to continuously innovate and improve our services and offering. The contactless access card is designed to make your charging experience easier and more secure. Just hold it in front of the charging station card reader and follow the instructions on the charger.
Do I have to pay for this card?
No this first one is for free. Renewal or additional backup cards could be purchased later on.
Do I need to register or activate my card?
There is no need to activate the card or anything. Simply bring it with you the next time you go to charge your vehicle.
Why is "backup card" written on my card?
In the future we expect to introduce charging via your mobile device, at which point this card really will be your 'backup'. For now, however, it is your primary means of initiating charging.
Can I continue to use my PIN code?
Why does my PIN code not work?
PIN codes are not compatible with all of the different chargers manufactured by different companies.
What happens if my card does not work at a station (or the station doesn't work)?
Please call us immediately at the number listed on the station.
How do I charge with this card?
Just hold it in front of the charging station card reader and follow the instructions on the charger.
I'm at the charging station but I forgot my card - what do I do?
We encourage you to keep this card in your car so you do not forget it. However, if you forget your card you will need to call us at the number on the charging station and we can assist you to charge.
What happens if I lose my card?
If you lose your card please contact us immediately. We will block the card and talk with you about getting a replacement.
Can someone else use my card?
Our approach is one card per vehicle, so as long as they are using your card to charge the same vehicle and you approve, that's fine. We strongly discourage you lending your card out to another driver with another vehicle.
Will there be a cost for charging with this card?
Pricing is charged in means of our actual price list.
I am a person or company with 2+ electric vehicles - what should I do?
You should have a separate card for each EV that you have in your fleet that you charge using our stations. If you do not, please give us a call and we can address this.
Can I use this card at other chargers in Slovakia?
No, this card will only work at Greenway chargers in Slovakia and Smatrics in Austria. We are gradually increasing the number of roaming partners we have to give you greater access.
Can I use this card outside of Slovakia?
Currently, outside of Slovakia, this card will only work on the Smatrics stations in Austria, but we are adding roaming partners constantly. Please check our website regularly for updates. (WE SHOULD HAVE A PLAN TO TELL PEOPLE THESE IMPORTANT UPDATES - IE, NEWSLETTER FOR REGISTERED USERS, etc.) .
Do you share any data you collect?
We protect your personal data and do not share it with any other company.

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