Charge-to-go. Simple and convenient in a few intuitive steps. In GreenWay network you pay per one minute of charging. Hassle free, you will always know exactly how much you pay.


GreenWay fast charging stands are conveniently located near the motorway and highway exits and roads in Slovakia so that you are able to spend the time while your vehicle charges meaningfully. Thanks to the comprehensive coverage of the GreenWay network range is no longer a problem and you can drive your electric vehicle in any part of the country.

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The length of time it takes to recharge is one of the key factors on longer routes. GreenWay's fast charging stations are some of the most modern and fastest on the European market. In 25 minutes you can charge your electric vehicle enough to be able to reach the next GreenWay charging station, or beyond.


Electric vehicles should not be limited by borders. GreenWay cooperates with charging station operators in Austria and Slovenia to allow all of our users to comfortably and conveniently drive in each of our countries. And we're constantly working to grow expand our roaming partnerships to new places!

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Prepaid program

Prepaid program is linked to registration and the price advantage users get as compared to non-registered users. The customer has to decide which program best suits his needs.

For more information about available Programs pleasse click below on button "Register".

Charging instructions for registered users

You have a GreenWay card or a card from our roaming partner

Step by step procedure:

  1. Identify yourself using your GreenWay card
  2. At the station choose a connector type you’re using and connect it to your vehicle.
  3. Confirm to start charging.

Steps 1 and 2, depending on the type of station, can be applied in reverse order.

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Non-registered users

Service will be available soon.

Electric vehicle owners who want a one time charging in the GreenWay network can choose an ad hoc approach and, if interested in using the GreenWay services, fully register later. If you intend to charge more than once we recommend you the prepaid program.

I am not a registered user (I don’t have a GreenWay card) and I am interested in an ad hoc access.

Step by step procedure:

  1. In the web browser on your smartphone enter the address:
  2. Alternatively (to step #1) scan the QR code on the charging station with your mobile phone
  3. Using your smartphone choose a compatible connector you want to use for charging
  4. Pick your favourite payment method and pay
  5. After receiving your payment the connector is unlocked and now you only need to confirm that the connector is plugged into your electric vehicle. The charging will start now.
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Compatible vehicles

Nissan Leaf, e-NV200
Mitsubishi Outlander, i-miev
PSA iON, C-Zero
Renault Zoe
Toyota i-go
VW e-Up! and e-Golf
BMW i3
Kia Soul EV
Tesla Model S
Hyundai IONIQ Electric
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