I want a charger

Public fast charging stands are just one of the solutions to charge an electric car. You can recharge electric vehicles at home or, respectively, at the slower publicly available chargers. The slow charger is not just a wall socket. The GreenWay will advise you which type of charger is best for you and provide you with a complete service, which includes the development, delivery, installation and operation of your charger.

I want to buy a charger

Do you want to up the convenience of using your electromobile or to provide your customers with added value?

The solution is to get your own home or company charger. The GreenWay will advise you which type is the best for you and provide all the necessary requisites for you or your customers to comfortably charge electric cars at your own place.

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I want a managed charger

Operating a charger brings with it many responsibilities: regular inspections, maintenance or payment for the use by third parties. You can now leave these hassles behind. GreenWay provides everything you need as a comprehensive service. At the same time you and your customers, if wish be, get an access to the growing GreenWay network and the networks of its partners’.

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Advantages of having your own charger

The public charging network allows to recharge your car to extend the range. But primarily you would want to charge your electromobile from the comfort of your home, company or restaurant, when the electric car is not in use anyway.

A private charger will bring more comfort to you, your guests, clients or business partners. It is up to you what kind of charger you’ll have: fast, semi fast, slow, …

Using their experience the GreenWay will help you to choose the right charger for you, taking into account all your preferences.


GreenWay provides comprehensive services covering the complete construction of the charger: choosing the most suitable type, installation, network connection, inspection reports or communication with authorities.


You can operate the charger on your own, but if you intend to offer charging to third parties it would be better to have it managed through a comprehensive backend system provided by GreenWay. It is not just about convenience, but also about efficiently managing your assets.


The charger is more than just a simple „wall socket“. It is a complex piece of equipment that requires regular inspection and maintenance. GreenWay can take over all these responsibilities and perform them for you, easing your day to day electric car use.

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If interested in having a charger or a managed charger, please contact us.

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