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for charging electric vehicles in Slovakia!


GreenWay operates the most comprehensive network of electric vehicle charging stations in Slovakia. Our network enables users to enjoy the use of their electric vehicles comfortably throughout Slovakia and abroad.


GreenWay fast charging stands are conveniently located near the motorway and highway exits and roads in Slovakia so that you are able to spend the time while your vehicle charges constructively. Thanks to the comprehensive coverage of our network, range is no longer a problem and you can drive your electric vehicle in any part of the country.

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The length of time it takes to recharge is one of the key factors on longer routes. GreenWay's fast charging stations are some of the most modern and fastest on the European market. In 25 minutes you can charge your electric vehicle enough to be able to reach the next GreenWay charging station, or beyond.


Electric vehicles should not be limited by borders. GreenWay cooperates with charging station operators in Austria and Slovenia to allow all of our users to comfortably and conveniently drive in each of our countries. And we're constantly working to grow expand our roaming partnerships to new places!

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How does it

After successful registration, the user gains access to GreenWay charging services. First he needs to pick a desired product and fill in the required information, then he receives a GreenWay card that gives him access to the GreenWay network and our partners’ networks. All there is left for you is to start charging and not forget to pay the bill we’ll send you once a month.

There is also a special way for non-registered users who need to recharge to access the GreenWay charging network.


Pick one of our programs that suits you best, fill in the required information and familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions. We will open a user account for you and send the confirmation on your registration acceptance.


Get a card

After successful registration you’ll get a GreenWay card to simply and efficiently identify yourself at the station and start charging.


If already registered identify yourself at the station and you can start charging. If not registered yet, please register.

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If you already own a card please check if the GreenWay network supports it. Learn more


The registration process is quick and easy. Users can select from our service packages for one time (ad hoc) access or registering for one of our plans. Registering for one of our programs allows you to get more favorable rates in the GreenWay network.

If you have any questions, please call

0911 668 770

Can’t choose?

Leave us your contact information and we will advise you, which program is the best for you
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Lost card

If you’ve lost your GreenWay card promptly report it to our dispatch center. The card will be blocked and we will send you a new one.


Ak si chcete prenajať elektrickú dodávku, navštívte náš web www.greenwayoperator.com
If you would like to rent an electric van, visit our website www.greenwayoperator.com